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Market Application Criteria

At York Region Handcrafted Maker’s Association, our aim is to provide our Market and Online Shop visitors with a diverse range of handcrafted work. As a result, we take our application process quite seriously. If you’ve never applied for one of our markets before, please don’t be scared! We LOVE to support new artists and designers.  We are keen to support all of our vendors, both new and experienced. We have provided extensive information regarding the application process as well as our selection criteria, and we are constantly updating our resources and benefits for vendors.

Your online website, Etsy shop (if you have one) and Facebook page and application form will be reviewed. Have a read through the below information and please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or advice.

We are looking for:

  • Creative and original work; independent designs or products of a handmade nature.
  • Innovative and original products and items that fit in with the overall vision of York Makers
  • Presentation and professionalism with finished product, including the presentation of images or collateral used for marketing.
  • Cohesiveness and consistency with your work as a whole.
  • Commitment to independent design, adopting and/or using traditional crafts, new technologies in art and design, innovative methods of making.
  • Lack of similarity to products already in the marketplace. Show us that your work avoids saturated trends.
  • Appropriate, suitable and commercially viable items, including appropriate price points for the markets

In addition:

  • Applications must include clear information about your products. This must include how they are made with clear, consistent imagery that compliments your work.
  • All applications are judged based on required diversity for the markets. Similar applications will be assessed based on the criteria and the number of applicants in the same category. Over-saturated categories (like jewellery) for this reason can be very competitive.
  • All products must be ethically produced locally or within the Country. Please provide evidence of this in your application where possible.
  • All shops, including handmade, vintage and supplies are welcome! You cannot sell on behalf of other designers overseas.
  • All accepted vendors are expected to help promote the show and online shop, and will be sent a list of promotional tasks that will need to be completed (Nothing crazy, sharing on social media, handing out postcards at other vendor events etc.)


You do NOT have to be a seller of the ETSY marketplace, but you DO have to have a functional website or online portfolio in order to apply.

As this is a juried market (physical and online), your online presence will act as your portfolio and play a big part in selection. Please make sure to update your offerings and be sure to list a good range of inventory.

Our Etsy Sellers DO have additional perks though, like our Etsy York Region Made in Canada Market (You HAVE to have an ETSY Shop in order to be a vendor) and some increased promotional opportunities. Don’t have an Etsy shop? Open one for free by 1) Signing up using this code ( to get 40 free listings. 2) Join the ETSY York Region team where you will receive support to help you set up shop.

Take your time to get your shop filled out and work on your applications. If you’ve never applied to a market before be sure to contact us and get some support!

If you’re good with this criteria, then we would LOVE to have you as one of our Market and Online Shop Vendors!