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You know how to place your product, what window you are using and when you are talking the shot. Now lets talk about how to add in more light or “bounce light”

“Bounce” in more light

What is “bouncing” light?? It is using a reflective surface for your light source to bounce off of and then that light bounce or reflects onto your subject. It is redirecting light.
How it works:
1. First you need something to bounce your light with. A shiny or matte white board is your best bet. You can pick up either a piece of foam core or Bristol board from the dollar store. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but the larger it is the more light you can bounce and the softer it will appear

2. Then you need to place or hold your board parallel to your light source, on the other side of your product (the side that the light is not closest to)

3. Experiment – move your board around a little and see how it effects the shadows on your product. Try adding in a second board above or another near where you are shooting from. Shift the boards back and forth, angled, side to side and see what gives you the best result

4. Take your pic!
5. See my next two blog posts for background tips, inspiration and set up ideas

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