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The product is about 2-3 feet from the background

You should now know exactly how to take your product photo with the light you are using, now let’s talk about the piece lots of people forget needs light too – backgrounds.

Backgrounds matter

Your background is an important part of your image. It sets the tone for the style you want, and while you want it to… fade into the background, it also needs a little love too.
The farther the background is from the product, the blurrier it will become. This is a great way to have a nice background make you product pop.

Your background also needs some light. The farther away it is from your light source, the darker your background will become. This is great if you are looking for something moody, but if you want something brighter (see below pic), you want to ensure you have enough light on the background too. If you have the option to situate your background near the light source you absolutely should. However, if you cannot move a wall closer to the window then this is where adding a few boards around your background will help.

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