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Video in blogging is a big thing. If you’re not vlogging or at least sharing video content, you’re missing out on a massive movement, and here’s why.

So when it comes to working with video and WordPress, what do you need to know? Here are some things to get you started.

Don’t Host
There’s a delicate balance here, because if you’re sharing custom content, you want it to drive views to your site. That being said, hosting your videos to WordPress can bog down your website, as well as open the door to some irritating problems with views and with mobile clients. Instead, host your video to an external service, such as YouTube. This works in a few ways, as it allows you to avoid those self-hosting problems, but it also improves your reach on YouTube which can be a huge traffic source. Not only will you have people viewing your content from your site, you will also have people viewing your content based on search terms within YouTube itself, so if you establish yourself as an expert in your field you’ll achieve twice the views that you would with a self-hosted video.

Embed Content
When it comes to sharing your video content, you’ll want to embed them right into posts. This way you entice your readers to watch without having to leave. They also serve as evergreen content, allowing people to google specific questions months later and come back with your post; in other words, the hits keep on coming. Embedding content from an external site is usually very straightforward. You’ll be able to find an embed code in the settings on your uploaded video.

We’re an increasingly visual people. Those of us who are online often click between reading (actually, skimming would be more accurate), watching videos, listening to podcasts and sharing content. It’s been a long time since people used books for their day-to-day resource compilation, but the way that people research is ever-changing, even still. If a young man doesn’t know how to tie a tie, the likelihood is that he’ll look it up on YouTube. By allowing leaving video to someone else, you’re letting the page views slip through your fingers.

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