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You’re a problem solver. You take a look at every obstacle that you are facing and find the quickest, most efficient way to tackle it. Everything is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and you like it that way. It’s organized, comfortable and strategic. You rely strongly on your left-brain.

…Or not.

Maybe you’re creative! You can visualize the most stunning settings and collaborate in intensely creative ways. You’re able to think outside of the box and get things done in a way that many others could not. You’re the right-brained kind of person.

Many people believe that the business world is for left-brained people, while right-brainers should be left to designing business cards or sandwich boards. More and more often in the business world of today, right-brained people are finding their niche and making their way to success.

Right-brained and left-brained people aren’t generally interested in the same things, but even when they are they tend to approach these things in completely different ways. Typically, one would expect to find a left-brained person in industries such as medicine and law. Right-brained people are more likely to lean towards things in the arts or design, but anything can be creative if you can look at it from a unique perspective. It’s unlikely to find a right-brained accountant, just as it might become hard to nail down a left-brained expert in musical theatre. Depending upon your wiring, your passions will vary, and those variations will carry over into your career choices.

No matter your persuasion; left or right, if you decide to enter into the entrepreneurial world, you can successfully do so as long as you put some tested tactics into place. In business, it is always important to have goals, both lofty and immediate. Set your sights high, but aim for small, achievable goals right out of the gate. This is the best way to feel encouraged, measure your success and also ease yourself into the stress of owning a business. This also works to keep your tasks simplified, which helps you to focus on one thing at a time, no matter your goals. Focus on your immediate goals, and as you achieve them, regroup and move forward.

When it comes to creative business ideas, integrate them slowly and responsibly. Don’t jump too far ahead of yourself too quickly, or you’ll find that you overshoot your target. Make note of any of the methods you’ve put in place, define whether or not they have been successful, and then look for more of the ones that are.

Whether left or right-brained, there’s room for you in the business world. When you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to turn around and take a look at the starting line; you’ll easily be able to see how far you’ve come.

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