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If you, like most small businesses today, are taking advantage of remote employees in a number of different locations, you may be looking for easy ways to streamline projects and share notes. Evernote is an excellent tool for collaborations because it offers a great way to view and share notes, notebooks and ideas with other team members in real time.
To begin using Evernote, sign up at Once you have signed in you can create as many notebooks as you like. In order to share, simply click on the share option and ask your team members to do the same. This is the best way to manage evernote, though you can also send out the URL to a note to allow non-users to see it. Non-users will not be able to make changes or edit notes unless they sign into an account of their own. Evernote allows you to invite team members to notebooks, which can only be viewed by those who are invited, and which keeps sensitive documents more or less protected.
Probably the most reliable and efficient way to share notes across a remote team, Evernote is an excellent way to allow your team to be heard and informed on business issues. Evernote is easy to set agendas before collaborative meetings, or to allow employees to make note of concerns that they may have. If you have multiple members working on a project, it’s also a spectacular way to keep up with who is working on what aspect of your collaborative efforts, as well as offering practical and relevant advice as things take shape.
For managerial staff especially, Evernote is currently the best way to streamline your involvement on collaborative projects within your workplace. It allows you the opportunity to remotely oversee exactly what is happening, and give pointers on changes that you would like to implement. Evernote can give you a good idea of how well your team is working, and it can offer insight into the ways that you can all work more effectively together, even when you physically can’t be.
My favourite part about Evernote is that it can be installed on multiple devices and syncs with each one. I have it installed on my desktop computer (yes those still exist), my laptop, my Ipad AND my IPhone – AND they all sync together so whenever and wherever I have an idea or even a blog post, I can write it down and then when I get a chance, I can finish it off on any device.
I’ve hooked up the family and even they use it to create things like Christmas lists, party plans etc. The best part is that you can add in links and it live connects to the site the link lives on, so you can add Pins, Amazon products etc. and compile all of your info in one place.
Do you use Evernote? How has it changed your business practices? Do you use an alternative? What is it and how is it better than Evernote?

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