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If you’re considering using a virtual assistant for your business, chances are that you already how well a VA can free up your time. For busy entrepreneurs and CEOs, a virtual assistant is often the perfect solution to poor time management; the truth is that you really can’t do it all on your own. If you’ve found things slipping through the cracks, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that you have to tackle throughout a day, then a virtual assistant is probably the right choice for you.
A well-trained virtual assistant will work with you to handle your administrative needs so that you don’t have to; freeing up your time and allowing you to bring your business to new heights. A virtual assistant will work with you on a number of different tasks to ensure that the tasks that you need done are handled professionally and in a timely manner.
Wondering where to start with your virtual assistant? Begin by deciding which things you can let go of; this can be harder for some people than others, but consider tasks like invoicing, transcription and website population. Are you ever overwhelmed by social media outreach? Your VA can handle that. Do you fall behind on answering emails? With access and a little guidance, your VA can do that. What about keeping appointments or keeping track of where you need to be? Your VA can set up a calendar for you to ensure that you’re never double-booked.
If you keep clear lines of communication open, your VA will be able to carry out your administrative needs as well as if you had done them yourself. Of course, you’ll be out schmoozing with potential clients and landing new accounts which is what you love to do. Delegate your needs concisely and keep your expectations structured, and you will find working with a VA frees up plenty of your time to focus on the other stuff.

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