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Let me tell you a bit about myself!  

My name is Laura and I am Owner/Creator at Kaiter Clothing as well as the Meet the Maker Leader here on the Etsy York Region team. I will be touching upon each and every one of our members here and interviewing them about their stores and products as well as creating monthly treasuries. I am a very fun and easy going person always open to new adventures and trying new things, and I definitely try to emanate that through my work.

Why children’s clothing?

I am an energetic Mum to two little boys and with my youngest, i was frustrated not only with the fit of clothing but prints, styles, everything. I whipped out a machine and decided i was tired of constantly taking in all my little man’s clothes in as he was extremely small and odd fitting for his age. Lo and behold, once I began i couldn’t stop! I love that children’s clothing can be modern or fun and is versatile in style and wear.

My Inspiration:

Boys! I always find prints lacking for my little guys. I truly aim to select gender neutral and boy inclined prints. Not to say I do not carry dresses and such, but I feel boys need a little love in the handmade clothing. 90% of the items i carry are in my boys wardrobes and I do not make anything I wouldn’t put on my own children.

Tips for Mom’s trying to juggle home business, home life and boys:

It’s ok to make time for yourself! I look forward to my sewing hours as me time but definitely am very scheduled in family time. It’s easy to get carried away and engrossed in projects, but taking a break and going to the park or ice cream is important. I want to show my boys that I can turn something I love into part of my life.

My Favourite Items to find on Etsy as a buyer?

Gifts and anything personalized! I love that I can make party’s more special with the cute party decor and treats that are offered. I also love giving people specific gifts and I find Etsy tends to carry those niche items I am looking for.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee before 12 and tea after

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