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Market Jury & Approval Process

The Jury Process

Since this is our very first year we weren’t quite sure how to go about jurying all of the fantastic applications we’ve received so we trolled a few other ETSY sites (Thanks Vancouver, Toronto and Maritime Makers) and came up with some criteria to draw upon.

Each market has it’s own distinct application deadline – We do NOT accept applications on an on-going basis. Please keep your eyes open to our Instagram and Facebook pages where the application calls are made.

We go through EVERY application in detail and based upon our criteria make decisions to get the ball rolling. Each application also has it’s own deadline for receiving the news as to whether or not you’ve been accepted into the market. If you have not been accepted, we will provide a reason why. Sometimes it’s because we have an over saturated category, other times it may be to ask you to add more stuff to your store or to change up your application and then re-submit.

To create an unforgettable market, we look over a lot of fantastic applications. This means spreadsheets, numerous discussions back and forth and lots of comparisons.To read about more specific application considerations, click here.

Meet the Jury

Our Jury is made up of Ariane Griffiths of La Petite Stitcherie, and Winter White of Winter’s Woolies, and Karen Jansen of Ink & Dirt, Nadia Irish of Luuee. Together we are a diverse jury that represents a broad base of the Handcrafted Arts Industry.

Each member of our Jury is genuine, provides a distinct perspective and has the best interests of York Makers at heart. Ultimately, we aim to provide a unique, connected environment for customers to find their perfect treasures!

As always, please get in touch with any questions about the Jury process or otherwise.