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Here on the Meet the Maker series we hope to introduce you to the local artists and creators of the York Region. I want to invite you to meet Karen Jensen from Ink and Dirt Designs!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Karen. I am a creative soul, wife and mother. I am also the person behind Ink and Dirt Designs and I create custom and ready to frame typography prints

Why word based? 

Do you ever hear a song and it brings you back to a moment in your life? Words do that too and that is why I love using words. I believe everybody has a story in them and often times we can relate to parts of other peoples stories. I take those stories, moments in life, the celebrations, milestones and even those moments where someone might need some extra encouragement and I turn them into visually impactful art using words. 

I do love the dynamic yet simple look of your pieces that flow seamlessly. Tell us a bit about your process of creating these awesome prints!

My custom pieces, like my anniversary print for example, are my favourite to create. I gather information about the couple, where they met, when they were married, details about their family, kids and words that describe them as individuals and as a family. I then manually size and place every single word into a visually structured, linear typography art piece that features their story.

Ink and Dirt Designs is truly eye catching. How did this all begin and where do you hope to take it?

This all started when I was looking for card for a friends wedding shower. I couldn’t find a card that really captured how special the couple was or how special their story was, so I created one using words. It was hit and I the same thing for the next few special occasions I attended. I received some great feedback about the cards plus questions about where I was getting them and if they made larger versions of them. I soon started making cards, invites and prints on the side and now here I am, happy, busy and creating pieces from the heart.

 What’s your work-space like? I imagine this pristine and organised space where everything has its space!

I love structure, order, simplicity and that is an obvious influence on my creations. That is also how I like my surroundings. This isn’t always easy with two young children but it has rubbed off on them and they are almost as good at organising as they are at making messes. My studio is my happy place and yes, it is very structured, all white and I may or may not have everything alphabetised and labelled.

Aside from your typography prints, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Every spare moment I have you will find me with my kids and when I am not with them you will find me with a pen doodling, in front of a canvas painting, or working on the occasional landscape design project (that is my part time job). This is actually where my business name came from….from a pen with ink, to a pile of dirt, that is where Ink and Dirt Designs was born. 

What upcoming markets can readers find you at?

I will be at the Etsy York Region Country Christmas show on November 26th and the Schomberg Main Street Christmas Show on December 3rd.

Snow or Sand?

Definitely sand especially if it is on a tropical beach and I have a Mojito in my hand!

You can find Ink and Dirt Designs at the Etsy York Region Country Christmas event November 26th at Elgin West Community Centre. Click here for more details.

Follow Karen below for the latest and greatest:

Instagram: @inkanddirt

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  • KarenOctober 20, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Thank you again for featuring me! It is real pleasure to be part of the team 🙂


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