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I LOVE felt creations and am always excited to find a new and interesting thing that can be made of felt.. Hila of Liliput Kingdom takes felt to a whole new level with her animals and food items! Read on to find out more about Hila and her creatures.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and one interesting fact.

I’m 38 yeas old, live in the lovely quite town of Richmond Hill, enjoying the sun and the flowers after a long winter. As a new comer the weather is quite challenging 🙂 I have been working with babies and toddlers for almost 20 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Anthroposophy and Science. And I love what I do!

One interesting fact – The meaning of my name is the light around the moon. And also like aura. I love my name and the connection to the nature it holds.

Where did your business idea come from?

While studying Anthroposophy, I did a lot of crafting and I began to sew and knit for my pleasure. At first I sewed for friends , birthday gifts and slowly the demand rose and the idea of making a business out of it came up and turned the hobby into a business.

What would you say has been your biggest learning curve since beginning your business?

I think the move to Canada was very significant for me in many levels, of course, also business wise.

From a successful small local business I opened up to the big world, opened a ETSY shop and the business jumped up a step.

I came to Canada a little more than a year ago and I’m still in the process of learning, enjoying the road very much.

Where do you get inspiration for developing new products?

My great inspiration comes from nature and from working with children. I love hiking and I always discover something that amaze me. I can find myself looking at ants for a long time, or looking for the magical shapes hidden in the flowers. Nature allows our imagination to fly freely. In children the connection to the world of imagination is more natural and present, watching a child playing fascinates me no less.

How long does the average item take for you to create?

I sew a lot of animals. The average time for sewing an animal will vary from one hour to one and a half hours.

Do you have a favourite item in your store?

I think so. I really like my secret gnome.

Seeing how this tiny gnome makes adults and children such a big excitement – It’s a big pleasure. It is also one of my first products.

City Living or Country Dwelling?

Definitely country Dwelling. I like to get up early, hear the birds, smell the morning dew (yes, it has a smell) and the closeness to nature fills me and widens my heart.

Find Hila’s wonderous creations at the Made in Canada Market on September 23rd, or you can check out her social channels online!

Etsy Shop:
Instagram: @liliputkingdom

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