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Have you ever looked at something and thought “How the heck did they do that?!” Well, Alice of Lovely Element will make you think that for ALL of her creations! A paper-crafter Extraordinaire, Alice takes Origami to the next level! Take a read below to find out more about her wizardry 😉

Please tell us a bit about yourself and one interesting fact.

I have been a crafty person since I could remember as a kid. During my spare time I like to work on different kinds of craft projects that involve sewing, paper craft, drawing, fashion design, computer learning and more.

Where did your business idea come from?

The Origami crane symbolizes peace, long life, good luck, prosperity, love & joy. In 2010, my special year, we used origami crane as our wedding theme. I used fabric material to fold paper cranes for table centre pieces. I also made tiny paper cranes and placed them into small glass bottles as wedding favours to our guests. Since then I got more ideas on making tiny little cranes and putting them into small glass vials and making them into wearable pieces. Two years later Lovelyelement Origami Shop was born.

What was your inspiration to start selling your creations?

The reason why I really started selling online was because of my dad. He was a knowledgeable person and also a maker. He used to work in accounting, tailoring, and toy design. He had a factory for plastic toys where he made his own designs, toy moulds, and produced them. Growing up I always thought one day, I have to make things I love and enjoy and be like my dad to start my own business. I also enjoy the feeling when people talking about my work. The feeling outweighs the final end product.

Do you have a favourite item in your store?

The micro origami lucky paper stars necklace is my favourite piece. It took me the longest time to create and finish. Each paper star is made from 1 mm wide origami paper and I have to make sure 6 stars are all the same size and shape. If any of them look like they do not match with the other paper stars, I will re-do it. I love to have a clear finish for each paper star and a perfect fit for each glass vial.

Any advice for a new Handcrafted Maker who is setting up a shop?

I would say good photos of items / products, use good keywords and be unique.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?

Currently I have a home studio / office to make my items and also prepare all shipping packages.

Ice Cream or Cake?

I love cakes especially Japanese cheesecake and green tea million crepe cake.

Find Alice’s amazing paper-work at our Made in Canada Market on September 23rd or you can follow her on all of her social channels.

Instagram: @Lovelyelement

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