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Here on the Meet the Maker series we hope to introduce you to the local artist’s and creators of the York Region. For episode 5, I want to invite you to meet Winter White of Winter’s Woolies.

I’ve looked at you shop and your items are adorable! What got you started into knitting and how have you grown into your craft?

I started knitting and crocheting a few years ago, every time I would visit my grandmother s
he would knit me these special slippers, it kind of became a tradition and it dawned on me, “who would knit these slippers after she is gone?” Wanting to keep the tradition alive I asked her if she would teach me, thus began my passion of knit and crochet. I then began making things for myself, which lead to my friends wanting their own handmade items. Shortly after, I was approached by a local shop in town that agreed to sell my work and from there i decided to branch out into the Etsy world.

Do you have a favourite piece?

My favourite piece would have to be the animal hoodies – they are so playful and can be work by all ages and genders. It truly is a fan favourite and a best seller of mine – I think they are great because you can customize them with different colours and styles. (See images attached).

Do you do this full time? If not how do you balance your day?

Winter’s Woolies is definitely a labour of love, I currently work full-time as a Special Event Planner for a municipality and find time over the evenings and weekends to squeeze in knitting time.

What are your goals for Winter’s Woolies? Is this something you’d like to do full time in the future?

Winter’s Woolies is a very dependent on the Fall and Winter seasons and is when I make most of my sales. Definitely some new and exciting collections of work coming out in September. Needless to say I will be working diligently over the summer to roll these out and have them featured in the Made in Canada Market on September 24, 2016. I think the main goal is to keep creating work that my customers will love. I have a few new exciting ventures coming my way, plan to be featured in a few new shops locally come the fall and just really trying to build my Etsy business and online presence. I am not sure I am interested in turning Winter’s Woolies into a full-time operation, to me it is more a hobby/personal interest project and am content with the size of my workload currently – but you never know what the future holds!

As a seller, what is your favourite Etsy feature?

As a seller, and a full-time event planner timing and organization along with timelines and deadlines are super important. I like that Etsy will keep you updated on specific orders and the time frame that you have to ship out an order, I find that super helpful when tracking orders.

Do you have other hobbies on top of knitting?

Winter’s Woolies is not only knitting but crochet and any other handmade items I decide to try my hand at (no pun intended). I am huge DIY fan and love creating things, but mainly my business will consist of hand knit, hand crochet and hand sewn items.

Camping or Sailing?

Defnitely camping!

You can find Winter’s Woolies at the Etsy York Region Made in Canada event September 24th in at Aurora’s Cultural Centre. Click here for more details.

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