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Hi!!  I am Meghan.  I have been a creator as long as I can remember.  I have been obsessed with arts and crafts and making my whole life.  From hand sewing projects, wood working and painting I was already hooked before age 6.  I have tried and enjoyed so many disciplines including stain glass, oil painting, watercolour painting, mosaic pictures, multi-media sculpture, pottery, fabric printing and dying, yarn art, pom-pom making, purse making, corking (type of knitting, rope bowl making and so many others.  I am blessed that I have parents who have always been supportive of my love of the arts.  When I was 16, I picked up my first camera (my dad’s old SLR) and I fell so in love with photography I never looked back.  I devoted my creative time and energy into taking classes, printing in the darkroom at school, and taking an indescribable number of pictures.  I completely focused all my energies on my goal to be a professional photographer.  I stopped lifeguarding to take a job at Black’s Photography and applied to schools to further my studies.
I went to Sheridan College to study Applied Photography in 2003 where I learned all about processing my own images, film and digital photography, and every facet of commercial photography in depth.  I have been a professional photographer ever since, photographing everything from events for such as galas, dance competitions, weddings to products, houses and families.  I started working for a high-end studio in 2011 and went on to have a very happy career focused on portraiture and running a studio.  The wonderful thing about being a photographer is that learning never ends and I feel like I have always continued to gain new skills.
Once I had my daughter, working the demanding hours of a photography studio was no longer possible so I decided to stay at home and work on my own art.  Both my sewing creations with Sew Shenanigans, continuing working for my own photography business and renewing my passion in photography by being able to help others take beautiful pictures of their own art.
With all of my training, I am looking forward to being a resource and sharing some of the most helpful lessons I have learnt along the way J