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Finding a set up that works for you

Now that you have a better idea of how to take photos of your products in natural light, let’s explore actually photographing your product. In these next blog posts, you will learn lots of tips and tricks on setting up a shooting area, finding the best angle to shoot your product, how to capture the best pics to display your work, and more

Surfaces and backgrounds

What kind of vibe do you want? Are you shooting some clean shots for Etsy, are you trying to do some more editorial shots (your product in use)? You should try to do both! Etsy handbooks always suggest you have good product photos as well as photos of your product in use. These types of photos are great for selling your product through an image alone, and also great for social media and promotional imagery.

Discover your needs

First thing, do your research. What do you make? What vendor sells something similar and does well on Etsy? What do their photos look like? Who has something similar and has 10000 followers on Instagram, tons of likes and lots of comments? What does their feed look like?
What is your brand? What kind of look represents that? Is your work more rustic? Modern? Contemporary? Who is your target audience?
Answering these questions will help you get an idea of what look your image should have. I always suggest having a cleaner product shot, and then more editorial images that can show scale, use, etc. Finding a set up that is either permanent or easy to set up or both is key to keeping up with your photography needs.
Here are some examples of product photos I love on Instagram to give you a little inspiration

The Glitzy Gazelle is from Ontario, she makes this beautiful resin and polymer jewelry and her photos are great! She does a great job getting some nice clean product shots, and also some adding in visual interest (with textures from backgrounds and other items) and she does a beautiful job taking photos that show scale and use. These types of images are so very attainable for anyone – they require little set up, some imagination and nice light.

Little Custom Creations makes beautiful textile butterfly décor. They are incredibly successful with online sales and hail from Australia. Their Instagram and website feature beautiful artistic photos that show both the detail of their work as well as beautifully designed images that show the use of it.

Some other inspiration for clean images:

and some more editorial/products in use shots:

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