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Ok, so we talked about where to place your product. Now let’s chat about what is the best window in your space and when you should use it.

Its first thing in the morning the sun is streaming into your room. It’s so bright and warm, but not the best time to take pics. I love to use an eastern facing window between about 9:30 am and 11:30am or in the afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Depending where you live and which way your windows face this could be different. Watch for lots of sun beams, we want to avoid shooting in a sun beam as much as possible. Take a few pics during the day to determine when you will have the “softest” light. This is when your image looks nice and bright but the light is very even, and not directional. You may find that a couple of windows look great at different times of day. I would pick a window that works best to set up on a regular basis or have a permanent set up. Having some lighting consistency in your images can make your work look more professional.

When we compare the images through the day, we can see a lot of differences in light. If you look at the shadow cast by the candle, you can see that at some times of day its quite harsh (almost black and crisp), and at other times it is soft grey and almost blurry. You want to pic the time of day that gives you the softest light. For me, around 1145 am at this time of year is going to give me the best light.
Another take away from this comparison is that during different times of day, not only is the quality of your light different, but also the temperature – this is the colour of the light. Later in the day the light is more blue, and earlier more yellow. The temperature can easily be altered later, so try to focus more on type of light you are getting vs the colour.


Editor’s Note: Products used are from Lamb & Kiss

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