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As technology becomes more widespread and reliable, one thing that businesses are taking advantage of is the ability to hire a team remotely and work together, while not physically being together. For many, the best person for the job isn’t necessarily going to be the closest. When it comes to employing a team remotely, or even hiring a consultant or getting business advice, there are tools that can make collaborating easier despite geographically being apart. Skype is one of these tools.

Skype calls and meetings offer the ability to be able to see your team, to check in and read body language during conversations. This is an obvious advantage over using the phone, as it gives management teams a better idea of how things are going and what may need to be addressed.

Skype calls can be great for more than just video conference calling; they also offer your team the ability to share documents, share work screens and instant message one or more members of the team. The potential that this holds is nearly limitless, as you can easily work together on team projects in a way that is otherwise extremely difficult. Send out the agenda via Skype before your meeting starts, or even set the agenda for your next meeting before you finish up.

If you’re working with people from multiple time zones, there are days and times that a video meeting will not be plausible for everyone. Skype is great for this in that the video option is exactly that; just an option, and you don’t have to sign on to video in order to attend. If some of your staff wants to weigh in on voice only, that’s easy to achieve with just the click of one button on Skype, and it doesn’t impact the quality of call for anyone else.

Holding Skype meetings is an excellent way for each member of your team to feel as though they are being heard as an important member of the team. Not only that, but connecting visually tends to connect remote members better to your workplace and projects, which in turn leads to more focused work.

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